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I am with my husband to have some time alone and some time off from the city. I was really hoping to have a good and relaxing time during stay there as it was located in the country side of Tangerine/mt.

Dora. But got really disappointed on how the crew acts, not doing their jobs well, not attending to all our needs during stay. I need to call about three times before i get what i need in our room. The smell of the bed...ARGHH..

I can still remember the smell, i needed to asked for new sheets. Also the food.. It's ridiculous..

not what i have expected.. Really bad service..

Product or Service Mentioned: The Cinnamon Inn Room.

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Irving, Texas, United States #782617

Dora, the Explorer is, oh nevermind. So you didn't have ppl bow down, fan you with palm leaves and feed you strawberries on the way to your room?

What is this world coming to.

You should have checked out right then and there. I would have.

Then again, I'm ok with stinky sheets.


What in heck are you talking about, and who in heck is Dora? Maybe you wouldn't have had to ask for service so many times if you made sense.

As far as that goes, did you expect to have your own special maid/butler/whatever. You sound like a spoiled brat.

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